Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fondant Adventures

I got really adventurous and decided to try making my own fondant for covering cakes.  I wasn't exactly sure how it would go because every recipe that I found was either too complicated or didn't get good reviews.  I finally found a recipe that I liked and went for it.

It was so easy.  So, so so easy.

After my red velvet cakes were cooled, I dirty iced them.  Which, by the way is seriously....dirty.  Then I rolled out my fondant and covered each of my little cakes.  I was surprised how well it was going.  In the back of my mind I figured it would be a disaster.

But the cakes needed some I dyed some of the fondant light pink (for me) and red (for the hubs).  I put cute little heart cut outs on the top of each cake and rolled out some little fondant balls to put around the base of the cake.

Finished product:

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