Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Gift for the Hubs...

So the Hubs has been bugging me for a drawstring bag for his iPod and cords for when he travels.  I was finally inspired to make one this afternoon.  Awhile back he gave me some of his old dress pants, so I took his brown corduroys and made a pretty kick ass bag.  He loves it!  Here's how I did it:

I cut two pieces of 6 in x 9 in fabric and ironed them.

I wanted to add something to the outside of the bag, and the Hubs favorite color is orange.  I had the perfect coordinating color to go with the pants!

After playing around with the stitching settings on my machine, I liked this one the best.

Then I folded the fabric over about an inch and did a straight stitch to make the coverings for the drawstring.

I cut a strip of fabric from the pants, pressed it in half and stitched it together.  I threaded it through  the loops, then sewed the three sides.  

After I finished sewing, I turned the bag inside out, tested the drawstrings, and handed it over to the Hubs.

Sorry for the crappy picture of the finished project. I'll take a better one later tonight.

Down on the Farm...

This past Saturday, we took Belly Boo to an orchard to pick some apples and pumpkins for Halloween.  We all had a blast!  Belly Boo loved walking around everywhere (on her own!  Such a happy/sad moment for me) and picking up the apples that were already on the ground.  The Hubs loved eating the apples straight off the tree.  After we picked our apples and pumpkins out, we visited the farm stand that was there and got some amazing whoopie pies and caramel corn.  It was soo good!

Belly Boo trying to eat her apple.

Oh hey guys, I'm just gonna roam the orchards by myself.

The Hubs and Belly Boo - so cute!

The Belly Boo and me.  Love her!

The orchard we went to.

Belly Boo picking her pumpkin.
If you're in the Central Pa area, check out Paulus Orchard.  It was fantastic.  We'll definitely be going back!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beauty is...

in the eye of the beholder.

I take in loads of beautiful things every day.  I get to watch my daughter learn new things, like opening and closing drawers, taking laundry out of the basket, playing in her bath tub, giving our cats kisses and running around the living room.  I get to take in the changing of the season - the leaves as they change color, the last remaining flowers clinging on to summer, the wind and the rain.  I get to watch the most lovely man on the planet fall asleep next to me every night.

my blues were insanely blue today.  My uncle called them limpid pools.  Haha

What beautiful things do you see every day?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creative Streak

So this week I've been feeling the need to get crafty.  I've been working on stocking up on items for my Etsy, as well as working on some new things.  The only problem with getting crafty is that I get frustrated when I can't figure something out right away.  So then I kinda give up.  But anyways, here's what I've been working on:

A custom order of 15 Christmas pins for my grandmother.  Cute, right?

And right now (literally as I type this) I've got a huge batch of newspaper beads going.  I'm recycling old newspapers to make something pretty!  I'll post pictures as soon as some of them are finished.  The only downside to this project is that it takes about 4 days for the beads to dry.  Guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend.

And the hubs wants an iPod case of some sort.  More like a little drawstring bag to carry it back and forth to work than an actual case.  And he wants it to be made from one of his old pairs of dress I've been investigating that and found a tutorial that I like.  I'll probably be doing that this weekend, too.

Anyways, change of pace!  Here are some cute pictures of Belly Boo! :-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is It Seriously Thursday Already?

Oy.  This week has totally escaped me.  Here's a recap from last Friday until now....ready, GO!

Friday:  Had the whole day to myself!  Finished packing for IUP and then did some cleaning.  Three mountain tunnels and lots of beautiful surroundings later we made it to Indiana and got settled into our hotel.  We met up with some friends and I decided for good that I like hanging out with boys so much better.  Haha  After a few hours at the bars I've heard so much about we headed back to catch up on sleep.

Saturday:  It started out pretty well....and then went terribly down hill.  We went to the Homecoming parade in the morning and made our way through campus to an Alumni gathering outside the football game.  On the way there I got horrible blisters on my feet.  So bad that after lunch I ended up spending the rest of Saturday and Saturday night in the hotel room because I could hardly walk.  Bummer.

Sunday:  Luckily we had flip flops in the car, so I sported those on the way home since I couldn't even put sneakers on.  Oops.  Haha  Departed from IUP after brunch with the boys, made it through the tunnels again (woo!) and went grocery shopping before Belly Boo got home.

The rest of the week is kind of a blur....we had some trips to the park, but today the weather is icky.  Last night Grandma E came out for dinner and to spend some time with Belly Boo.  It was great because I finally got my sewing room almost completely set up and Belly Boo was worn out from all the play time she had!

What's up for the weekend?  Well......I'm going to make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  Did you say yum?  Yeah I thought so, too...hopefully they turn out well.  And, so the Hubs stops complaining about not getting his biscotti made, I found a recipe that I think he'll agree on me trying out.  So I'll be busy baking while he's away.

OH!  Grey's is on tonight!  So excited!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spaghetti Face

Belly Boo had her first taste of "adult" spaghetti this week....ya know, instead of just plain noodles she got sauce and cheese, too.  I don't think we'll be giving her plain old noodles again any time soon.  She was a mess!

Adorable, I know.

And!  I have some video of the little cutie dancing around to She & Him.  I'll have to attempt to upload them tomorrow.

Plans for the weekend:
Tomorrow (we're baby free til Sunday), packing, heading out to IUP.
Saturday/Sunday:  Shenanigans.  :-)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Recap!

Here's a recap of the wonderful and exciting (well maybe not exciting) weekend that we had!

  • Saturday we did our weekly shopping run.  After some fantastic chocolate chip pancakes courtesy of the Hubs, we packed up our eco-friendly shopping bags and did our shopping.  First stop was JoAnn Fabrics so I could pick up supplies for my grandmother's pin order (pictures eventually).  While we were there, I had a scavenger hunt through the clearance section and got a few packs of scrap booking stickers and cutouts for 50 cents a piece.  They'll come in quite handy when I start working on the hubs and my scrapbook in November.
    • So then we went to Michaels craft store so the Hubs could get a tie-dye kit.  He tie-dyed a white dress shirt for his school's upcoming spirit week.  Picture to follow later this week.
    • Finally we made it to the farmers market and commissary.  We did amazingly well budget wise and did a celebratory dance.
  • Watched Penn State lose miserably.  Not exactly wonderful or exciting, but it did happen.
  • Got to snuggle and take a nap with Belly Boo on Saturday afternoon.  Nothing is more awesome then watching a baby sleep.
  • Went to church Sunday morning!  Loved the topic of the sermon, but I started to feel not so great halfway though and couldn't wait to get out of there.
    • Left and went to Target to get diapers.  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to not be making weekly trips to Target anymore...AND we got 108 diapers for $20.  Those of you who are parents will totally appreciate the beauty in that.  Haha
  • Had community group and made a new favy meatball recipe.  I'll share it later this week!  They went so quickly.  Had a great time getting to know people from church better!
But the best part of the weekend was that when we came home I had my first Etsy sale!  I was so excited that I nearly jumped off the sofa.  For real.  So excited!

I'm terribly sorry that this is a whole lot of text and no pictures....but I didn't take any this weekend.  Sorry!

Anyways, I hope you all had fantastic weekends of your own!  Did you do anything special?