Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why my kid is the coolest...

Today Belly Boo and I went to meet the hubs for a little lunch at Red Robin (Yum!).  I had a really yummy chicken wrap and we split a chocolate lava cake while Belly Boo nommed on some ice cream.  After we were done, Belly Boo and I headed to Target to pick a few things up.

I was originally going to get some new mascara, since I needed some badly, but while walking past the nail polish aisle, Belly Boo let out a chorus of "wows" and "ohs!" we stopped to look at them. 

Things I now know about my 2 year old:
  • She has good taste in nail polish (she went right for the Essie bottles)
  • She knows a good color when she sees one.  

She picked out Essie's "Turquoise & Caicos" and wouldn't let go of the bottle if her life depended on it.  She gave it to the girl at the check out and held it in her little hands the whole way home, took it with her when she took a nap this afternoon, and has been carrying it around the house all night.  It's adorable.    

When she got up from her nap, I turned the movie Tangled on from Netflix and offered to paint her toe nails...she got all excited, gave me the bottle of nail polish and propped her tiny feet up on my leg.  She sat ever so still and let her toes dry without touching them.  It was adorable.  After he toes were done I painted mine to match (which she loved, and kept saying "yay" and clapping. 

Yup.  My kiddo is awesome.  And adorable.  And I love her so stinkin' much.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Photobooth Fun

Belly Boo and I had a little fun with Photobooth on the Mac this morning before I had to go to work.  She gets so excited when the webcam comes on!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Working Mamma-hood

The past two weeks (and two days!), I've been lucky enough to re-enter the working world.  Though training was a bit stressful, the past two days out in the store have been fantastic, and I'm so glad that I can be around adults again for a few hours every day!

That being said, I do miss my Belly Boo terribly while I'm working.  I know that she's having a lot of fun with her babysitter, and that really helps put my mind at ease.  I'm also really glad that I'm starting part time, because though I'm working, I still get to spend a good amount of time with her, and I get to cherish those days even more.  :-)

More importantly, I'm really excited about the bit of extra income that this will give us.  Though most of it will go into savings or towards doing things around the house, it will be nice to have a little extra to use as we'd like every once in awhile.

So working mamma-hood isn't all that bad.  It's a bit of schedule adjusting for everyone and making sure I get to bed early and make sure that everything is perfectly planned, but I'm loving it so far!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Princess in her Castle

Belly Boo got this totally adorable pop-up tent castle for her birthday on Saturday, and while I was at work the hubs set it up for her to play in.  She gets totally comfy with a pillow and pretends to snore like she's sleeping.  It's so cute.

Anyways, I had some fun playing with her and watching her crawl all around her little castle.  It's so cute and she gets to excited when she crawls in!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy August

I can't believe it's already August.  A lot has changed since I made my list of goals in January, so here's an updated list!

1.  Eat healthier and exercise more.  I know that everyone and their mother says this, but I'm tired of carrying around all this baby weight.  It is something that really brings me down and I beat myself up over.  The Hubs and I just started P90 together, and I'm hoping that the program along with some extra gym time and healthier eating habits will help me get back to where I (almost) was in college.

2.  Finally suck it up and get my driver's license. Did this in May.  Freedom is a wonderful thing!

3.  Find a job. I'm currently training to be a bank teller!  I officially start in my branch mid-August

4.  Meet more people. Work in progress.  I've met some new people, but I'm hoping that having a job will help with this, too!

5.  Stick up for myself.

6.  Try new foods.  I've tried hummus (and liked it), and a few other new foods.  But honestly, once a picky eater always a picky eater.

7.  Take a photography class.

8.  Be the best momma and wife that I can, and have fun doing it.  I need to remember that life isn't a picnic and that not every day is going to be picture perfect.  I need to remember to laugh when Belly Boo does something totally horrible (like spilling a box of Cheerios on the floor tonight or being nice and bringing us a full glass of water while spilling it all over herself).  I need to remember that my Hubs works really hard and deserves a nap on the sofa after dinner every once in awhile.  But I also need to remember to take time for myself and have a little me time.

9.  Read more books, use the internet less.  With the exception of blogging, Etsy work and uploading photos on facebook, I'm really not on the computer too much anymore.  But I've only read a few books, because honestly I've been having too much fun with my kiddo.

10.  Enjoy all the curves that life throws at me.  Maybe not totally enjoying, but definitely working through all the little (and big) curves that have been coming at us this summer. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Belly Boo's Birthday Bash

On Saturday we celebrated Belly Boo's second Birthday with a big old party!  After a super busy week making sure that the house was clean, cooking the food and making sure the cupcakes were perfect, it all paid off and it was totally worth it.  The hubs did a fantastic job decorating our screen porch, and everyone helped with the food.  I made my awesome strawberry lemonade cupcakes, and they were perfect and refreshing for the hot weather we had.

1. Decorations
2. Gifts
3. Playing with her balloon
4. The only gift she opened all day.  Haha
5.  The birthday girl's "cup-cup" (what she calls cupcakes)
6.  Waiting to dig in.
7 & 8. Noming on her cupcake.