Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Hubs!

The Hubs had his 25 + 1 Birthday yesterday!  Unfortunately since he was so busy I really didn't get to see him for much of it, but we did have a chance to go out for dinner!

After the Hubs was home from spending a night in Philly and his last grad class and meeting for a birthday snack with his momma, he finally came home!  And we took a nap.  I am feeling better than I was on Friday, so we decided to head into town for some dinner. 

We ventured to a Pub, and debated whether we should sit at the bar or a table.  We decided on a table, but since we ventured in at 6 pm, it was pretty crowded.  Anyways, as we're weaving back to our nice little table in the corner our host picks up a cane from an older couple that had fallen.  No big deal.  So we continue on our merry way.

That is until I realize that my coat and jeans are getting wet and that I hit the same stupid cane.  Thus a poor lady's beer is spilling all over the table, her cell phone and me.  Guess we should have sat at the bar.  It isn't until later that we realize that they are family of someone who manages/owns the Pub.  Whoops. 

Anyways, dinner was nice and it was fun to be able to enjoy a dinner without being rushed.  I loved being able to sit and talk.  The walk back was entertaining, too. :-D

I made a gigantic cookie for the Hubs birthday, but we're going to decorate it tomorrow.  Can't wait.

That being said, I'm sleepy and have to be up for church in the morning.  Goodnight!

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