Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Card Time

My blogger pal and former classmate Alyssa tweeted about Christmas card help and I was intrigued.  So I hopped over to her site and saw her little blog post about helping her pick a Christmas card and about a promotion from Shutterfly.com.

So I did some card making of my own.  And it is so hard to pick.  I narrowed it down to three (as of right now anyways, I'll probably change my mind) and I need some help picking which layout ya'll think is the cutest.  I did screen shots of the three cards that i like the best and just plugged in a temporary (but cute!) picture of Belly Boo.

Help me pick!

This one is cute.
The Merry Blossoms Christmas Card...I like this one.  The brown/red combo is really pretty.  The only downsides are a) the red font on the brown background is really hard to read and b) it's one of those weird shaped cards that requires extra postage.  Still, ridiculously cute none-the-less.  

Oh hey!  This one is cute, too.
The Snow Globe Christmas Card...I am a sucker for light blue/red.  Total sucker.  And it looks oh so perfect with a black and white photo.  And I love black and white photos.  I think this might be my personal front runner.

My kid needs to stop being so cute.

Shimmering Snowflake Tree Christmas Card...I adore that Christmas tree.  It's so cute and the colors are perfect!  My only complaint about this card is that the divide between the tree and the picture is really drastic.  I feel like it needs a frame or something.  Other than that it is adorable.

Here's an updated version of the Shimmering Snowflake Tree Card...I like this one better!

So please help me!  I'll post the card layout that gets the most love with the final picture once I figure out what that will be.  Oh man...I guess this means I can put Belly Boo back in her pretty little dress and take some cuteeeee pictures tomorrow.

If you're still having some problems figuring out what gifts to get for some people on your list check out their adorable photo mugs or calendars.  They'll be sure to make someone smile. :-)

Here's the link if you want to check it out.  Have fun and make sure to spend a good hour or two drooling over the card selection.  I did. :-)

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Alyssa said...

I like the snow globe one!