Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post-Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

I know that I'm super late on all things Thanksgiving, but with all the traveling we did and my crazy day yesterday, I'm only getting to it now.  So no, I'm not just coming out of my food coma now, I just finally had a few minutes to jot things down.

On Thursday we had Thanksgiving Round 1 with the hubs side of the family.  It was delish.  Seriously.  I almost didn't even have room for dessert....that's saying something.  It was also Belly Boo's first official Thanksgiving Dinner.  She enjoyed her turkey and mashed potatoes and bread.  After dinner we played some intense Monopoly. 

Nom nomming round 1.

On Friday the hubs and I did some Black Friday Shopping.  I got some fabrics and fun things for Christmas presents and some custom orders that I have.  Then we made our way to Reading with a stop to see the hub's grammy.  On Saturday we had Thanksgiving Round 2 with my side.  Some turkey, ham, potato filling, candied sweet potatoes and green bean casserole later I was stuffed.  Literally stuffed.  But I managed to squeeze in some pumpkin roll and chocolate cake.  Then we stopped at the hub's dad's house for a few hours of visiting.

Post dinner round 2 entertainment

On Sunday we stopped at my grandparent's house, then finally made our way back home.  We unpacked, ate a brownie and got back in the car to go grocery shopping.  And I got hair dye, too.  So Sunday night I brought up some Christmas decorations and decorated my mantle/fireplace and and my front door area. 

New hair color!  That doesn't look much different from my old hair color.  Haha

So exciting I know.  Anyways, for some more exciting news go to http://NorthStreetStudio.blogspot.com.  I've been busy with custom orders and packing some sales.  :-)

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