Friday, November 19, 2010

Is This Your Kid?

I forgot about this little gem of a story from Election Day, but I figured I'd share it now because I'm having one of my "wahhh I clearly birthed my child and she doesn't look anything like me" moments.

So Belly Boo and I made our way to the election building a few blocks down (seriously, so convenient) and I parked her stroller outside.  I made my way in and told them my name, and headed over to sign in.  While I was waiting for them to find my name in the book, the four old ladies at the table told me how cute she was.  I said, "Oh thanks, I just love her" and they all looked dumbfounded.

Then come my favorite comments....

She's yours?...followed by sideways glances checking for validity.
I thought you were her baby sitter.
She doesn't look anything like you.

As if I didn't already know that, thanks for the confidence boost.

So a teensy-weensy review of genetics:

Brown eyes are dominant over any other eye color.  The Hubs has brown eyes, I have blue.  My genes lost out. 

I'm pretty sure if they had won (which I'm convinced they never will) that Belly Boo would look more like me.  But they didn't.  And she has the most beautiful brown eyes that I wouldn't change for anything.

So yes, she is mine, I had something to do with her.  And no, I'm not her baby sitter, I'm her mother. 

Rant over.

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