Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is It Seriously Thursday Already?

Oy.  This week has totally escaped me.  Here's a recap from last Friday until now....ready, GO!

Friday:  Had the whole day to myself!  Finished packing for IUP and then did some cleaning.  Three mountain tunnels and lots of beautiful surroundings later we made it to Indiana and got settled into our hotel.  We met up with some friends and I decided for good that I like hanging out with boys so much better.  Haha  After a few hours at the bars I've heard so much about we headed back to catch up on sleep.

Saturday:  It started out pretty well....and then went terribly down hill.  We went to the Homecoming parade in the morning and made our way through campus to an Alumni gathering outside the football game.  On the way there I got horrible blisters on my feet.  So bad that after lunch I ended up spending the rest of Saturday and Saturday night in the hotel room because I could hardly walk.  Bummer.

Sunday:  Luckily we had flip flops in the car, so I sported those on the way home since I couldn't even put sneakers on.  Oops.  Haha  Departed from IUP after brunch with the boys, made it through the tunnels again (woo!) and went grocery shopping before Belly Boo got home.

The rest of the week is kind of a blur....we had some trips to the park, but today the weather is icky.  Last night Grandma E came out for dinner and to spend some time with Belly Boo.  It was great because I finally got my sewing room almost completely set up and Belly Boo was worn out from all the play time she had!

What's up for the weekend?  Well......I'm going to make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  Did you say yum?  Yeah I thought so, too...hopefully they turn out well.  And, so the Hubs stops complaining about not getting his biscotti made, I found a recipe that I think he'll agree on me trying out.  So I'll be busy baking while he's away.

OH!  Grey's is on tonight!  So excited!

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