Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mi Cocina!

One of the blogs that I follow, busy bee lauren, is having a give away for one of the cutest aprons ever.  So for extra points, I'm doing a little bloggy post on our kitchen.

We got a new stove in May, and I was so excited that I did a post about I'm not going to bore you with any pictures of my stove again.  Anywho, here is the lay of the land in my kitchen, along with some of my favorite things there.

Here we are walking from the dining room to the kitchen.  Pantry is on the right!  I made the curtains. 

Food and water bowls for the cats. :-)

This corner is for cookbooks, our compost container and other random kitchen necessities.  And our broom and dustpan.  Haha

The light that doesn't work.  We've kind of neglected getting the kitchen fixed up.  Haha

So now that I've bored you with all that, here's the fun stuff! :-)

We <3 hot beverages.  Here we have our Moka pot for espresso, tea kettle and French Press for coffee.

Truer words were never spoken!

Pictures, quotes, ticket stubs and love letters hang on our fridge. :-)

So there you have it, a closer glimpse into our kitchen.  

On a totally unrelated note...happy first day of September!

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