Monday, September 13, 2010

I Love Mondays.

I know that most people aren't a fan of Mondays, but I love them.  And yes, I'm totally serious.  For me, they are one of the most productive and fun days of the week.

Like today, for example.  I've done some cleaning, some reading, some hanging out with Belly Boo, but I've also hit my really domestic feeling that I seem to get every fall.

So in addition to starting a yummy dinner which I can't wait to serve tonight, I've got a loaf of French bread going in the bread maker and I made a batch of applesauce using my Mom-mom's fantastic recipe.

Maybe this weekend I'll get some fresh tomatoes and make a big ole batch of tomato sauce to freeze and use throughout the winter.  Sounds good to me.

And if you have an extra minute (on Monday...Tuesday...any day...) check out my Etsy shop that I just opened. I'm more than willing to do custom orders like school colors, holiday pins, and pieces for special occasions like weddings, school dances, graduations, etc.  They make great gifts for birthdays and holidays.

Happy Monday everyone!

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