Sunday, May 30, 2010

Apple Pie Baking Experience, Part 1

I used my oven for the first time today.  We're going to a church picnic Sunday afternoon, and I said I would bring a yummy chocolate cake with butter cream icing, so I whipped one of those bad boys up along with a half portion with peanut butter icing for the hubs. 

Anyways...while we were at the farmer's market this morning I saw some lovely apples, so I picked some up and said to myself, "hmmm...I think I'll try to make an apple pie."  Sure, why not?  I looked over some recipes online and found a pretty simple looking crust that got good reviews and an easy breezy filling recipe that could be tweaked as necessary.  

Thus began my mission.  It started with a pie crust (hence part one, since the pie is in the oven as I type). 

I mixed flour, salt, shortening and a little bit of ice water to make the crust.  I formed a ball and let it sit in the fridge for at least half an hour.  I made two crusts, one for the bottom and one to make my design on top.

After watching The Departed, I set back to work in rolling out the pie crust, pressing it and cutting the excess off the edges to give it a nice clean look.  I put wax paper under the dough while rolling it so that I could easily pick it up and move it without worrying about tearing the dough.  It worked pretty well.

Although I would love to share the rest of the pie making experience, I'm tired and the pie has just come out of the oven.  Check back later this weekend, I'll have the second half of pie baking and taste testing results.  Woohoo!

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