Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Want S'more Cupcakes

I have been asked repeatedly for this recipe (on Facebook, text messages, and on blogger) since I posted a picture last Friday night.  So here is the long/short of it:

I knew I wanted S'mores cupcakes.  So I searched for some recipes and stumbled upon this website.  "Ming" came up with the recipes (though some are pretty standard in the cooking/baking world) and I mixed and matched to get my S'mores.

However, I'm claiming the S'mores cupcakes as my own (can I do that?  Haha) and here is the recipe:

Cupcakes only:

Now, while your cupcakes are cooling you can work on your marshmallow filling.  Yes, marshmallow filling.

Are you still with me?  You are?
Okay good, here's the last step.

Two words:

chocolate ganache

There you go.  You will be slightly exhausted after making these, but the end result is totally worth it.  Have fun!

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