Thursday, January 20, 2011

Easy Breezy Gift Tags - Tutorial

This afternoon I was feeling kinda crafty, so I decided to make little menu cards for my upcoming birthday party next weekend.  While I was making them, the idea struck me to make gift tags.

Easy, right?  The answer is yes.  Here's a quick tutorial with lots of pictures to show you how easy it really is to make your own cute gift tags.

You will need:
Pretty card stock and matching plain paper
Decorative paper punch or scissors
Paper Cutter (optional) or regular craft scissors
Corner Rounder
Hole Punch
Mounting Squares
Coordinating Ribbon

Here we go.....

Step 1:  Cut your paper down to your desired gift tag size.  I trimmed mine down to 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inch pieces.  Then, take your paper punch or scissors and and carefully trim away one side of your paper.  If you want the tags to have the same look all around, then repeat the trimming until all sides are done.

Step 2:  Grab your corner rounder and snip off the two edges at the top of your tag.  Then take your hole punch and punch a hole in the corner you want to put your ribbon in.

Step 3:  Take your coordinating paper and trim it down so that is fits nicely with a boarder around the edge and it doesn't cover the hole that you've punched.  Using your corner rounder, round all the corners.  Then take your mounting squares and place 4 or 5 squares on the back of your plain paper.  Carefully place the smaller piece of paper onto the larger decorated piece.  Find a pretty ribbon, feed it through the hole and tie a knot, then you're done.  Easy breezy gift tag!

These are so darling and the best part is that you can come up with so many different kinds of tags!  I'm pretty sure that I'll be making a bunch of these the next few weeks.  I'm in love!

Happy Crafting!!

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