Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Working Mamma-hood

The past two weeks (and two days!), I've been lucky enough to re-enter the working world.  Though training was a bit stressful, the past two days out in the store have been fantastic, and I'm so glad that I can be around adults again for a few hours every day!

That being said, I do miss my Belly Boo terribly while I'm working.  I know that she's having a lot of fun with her babysitter, and that really helps put my mind at ease.  I'm also really glad that I'm starting part time, because though I'm working, I still get to spend a good amount of time with her, and I get to cherish those days even more.  :-)

More importantly, I'm really excited about the bit of extra income that this will give us.  Though most of it will go into savings or towards doing things around the house, it will be nice to have a little extra to use as we'd like every once in awhile.

So working mamma-hood isn't all that bad.  It's a bit of schedule adjusting for everyone and making sure I get to bed early and make sure that everything is perfectly planned, but I'm loving it so far!

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