Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Goodbye Wallpaper!

When we bought our house a year and a half ago, the only eyesore for me was this horrible outdated wallpaper in the hallway where our bedrooms are.  I couldn't wait until it was time to rip that down.  It didn't seem to bother the hubs as much, but after looking at it day in and day out, and watching it start to peel off in some places it had to go.

And so it went.

Before: Notice our lovely outdated light fixture and nasty wallpaper.  Over the course of our little home's 70 year history someone must have smoked in the house because all I could smell was stale smoke as I took down the paper.  Nasty!

The wallpaper.  And yes, I kept a piece for scrap booking purposes.  

So outdated!

During: It took me a few days to get all the paper and glue off the was not an easy task.  Last Friday we had a friend come and replace the old light with a newer, spiffier light, and I did some priming of the walls on Saturday night.  On Sunday I did the paint and trim...the paint was looking a little pink to me, but since then has either grown on me or darkened a bit.

Primer is done!

Our new light.

After: It looks so much better!  I'm so happy that I finally took this wallpaper down!  I still want to hang some pictures in the hallway but I will get to that soon.  I'm just happy that it's done!

All finished!

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Holly said...

Wow, it definitely looks much nicer without the wallpaper! LOL at you keeping some of it for scrapbooking - I totally would have done that too! :)