Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quilt Update: Picking Fabrics

This week I ordered my fabric for my quilt on Etsy, and it is absolutely beautiful!  I love all the colors and couldn't wait to start working on it tonight.  I purchased the solid colored fabric and background fabric from from a local JoAnn fabric store.

I am using fabrics from the Kumari Garden collection.  Great quality and wonderful feel to them!

All the fabrics that I purchased in my bundle.  

Solid fabrics to help balance out the patterns.

This white fabric is so pretty and dainty, I just love it!  This will be the fabric for my background.

This is the fabric for the center of all my flowers.
It's not as bright in person, but it has an adorable leaf pattern to it.  

I made my first flower tonight.  It's so pretty and I wish I had the energy to keep going.  Tomorrow is supposed to be ugly and rainy, so maybe I will get another flower or two done then.  :-)

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