Monday, March 14, 2011

Music Monday, Vol 3

Occasionally I'll do Music Monday, I think this is the third time I've done it, but maybe not.  Either way I should do it more often.

Anyways, I saw a tweet about a live version of a new Death Cab for Cutie song and I happily bounced over to the website that was supposed to have it.  And it wasn't working.  So, I put a frowny face on, tried looking elsewhere and eventually gave up because I couldn't find it.  But yesterday I saw another tweet, and this link was working, and this song has been on repeat ever since.  It's soooo good.

The album comes out May's going to be a long wait but I'm positive that it will be worth it.  Just push play and thank me later. :-)

Codes And Keys (Gibbard Solo, Live in SF) by

And now, some photos of my favorite boys.  Besides Mumford & Sons these are the only people I seriously fan girl over.
New album art!

photos via here, here & here

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Holly said...

Very cool! I like Mumford and Sons too. They've grown on me. :)