Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Change of the seasons...

I wish I had some pictures of beautiful fall leaves to share, but our warm and rainy weather over the past few weeks means that we won't be seeing the amazing colors of fall until the end of October. 

This really bums me out since I just love fall, but in a way I'm okay with it because I really feel like the weeks are just flying by right now.

There is some good news, though!  Starting on Monday I'll be switching to a new store and starting full time with my bank.  I'm bummed that I have to switch stores, but I'm glad that I will have more evenings and weekends off to spend with me family.  I know that this will be a great opportunity for our family and I'm looking forward to meeting new co-workers and customers!

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Holly said...

Good luck with your new job! :)