Monday, September 19, 2011


Our Belly Boo is growing up.  On Labor Day we traveled out to Ephrata for a day of visiting and picnicking.  I made super yummy chocolate cupcakes with Nutella frosting, but waited until the traveling was over to frost and decorate them.  We had to pick a few things up before the picnic, and I found some perfect fall colored leaf sprinkles, so I snatched them up to put on my cupcakes.

Belly Boo was super interested in watching me frost the cupcakes (and sampling some from the bowl), so I let her help me put the sprinkles on the cupcakes.  She was very focused on making sure the cupcakes were well covered!

This makes me super excited to make yummy treats with me little helper around the holidays!

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Holly said...

Cute photos! I love the chocolate smear on her face, and how in the bottom photo there is a giant pile of sprinkles on one cupcake, while some other ones have hardly any!