Monday, June 13, 2011


On Friday we took a little stroll into town and stopped in at a new creperie and cafe that opened up a few months ago.  Helena's Chocolate Cafe & Creperie might just be my new favorite spot in town.  It was seriously the brightest little cafe and has a great location.

And their gelato is to die for.  So.  Good.  I had chocolate so I could share with Belly Boo, but sampled the Blood Orange flavor and it was amazing.  The hubs had some kind of butter rum flavor that was also really wonderfully flavored.  They had the most amazing looking desserts and chocolates that I would have loved to try, and I can't wait to go back and get a crepe.

I have a feeling I might be there quite a few more times this summer!

1.  Chocolate gelato.  Amazing.
2.  Keeping Belly Boo occupied.
3.  The Hubs working on his sketching skills.
4.  The "boo-boo" lip
5.  So many yummy treats, not enough belly space.

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Holly said...

Yum! That looks amazing. :O